To join the “Support, World’s No.1” Katana pool, search for “KTN” in the staking wallet.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Please add Katana(Japanese sword) to your Yoroi. Katana Pool is committed to “support, No 1 in the world” and will thoroughly support your Cardano ADA staking success.
Search for “KTN” in the staking wallet

KatanaPool Two declarations

Declaration 1: Thorough support including call support and face-to-face support until you get a staking reward

If you don't know what to do by email, chat, phone call, video call, face-to-face if necessary, we will definitely support you.
The Katana team is proud to be the best supporter in the world, so of course we can provide calls, video calls, and even face-to-face support.

Declaration 2: PC failure, Daedalus failure, etc ... Thorough support including things outside the scope of the pool operator

PC failure ・ Daedalus failure ・ Leisure nano failure ・ Yoroi failure ・ Browser failure ・ Internet failure ...
These are usually not covered by the pool operator's job.
The Katana team takes pride in being the best supporter in the world, so we will support you as much as possible, even if it is not normally supported.

Why choose Katana pool from thousands of pools ...The Katana pool is “support, No 1 in the world”.

The Katana team worked on a test net and realized there.
Basically, there is no big difference in “profitability” and “security” in any pool.
In other words, profitability and security are not the decisive factors in choosing that pool.
So why choose a Katana pool? What are the benefits that can only be obtained from the Katana pool?
That is “Support, World No.1”.

For example …

What happens if you e-mail the pool operator "I want to stake, but my computer doesn't turn on"?

The Katana team expects either no answer or a response to ask the manufacturer.

This is not unreasonable, and as a pool operator, PC problems are not relevant.

However, the Katana team is a “support, world No.1” pool and we want everyone to participate in staking and enjoy the joy of increasing their assets.

Therefore, if you really need it, we will call you and visit your home to help you set up your computer.

Do you think that "I don't need support because I'm familiar with PCs and Daedalus's mechanism"?

Cardano is in the launch stage, so Daedalus and staking screen will may cause unexpected behavior.
Katana Pool is willing to provide you with thorough support .

* Of course, we may ask you to contact IOHK regarding things that Katana Pool cannot really do. However, there is no immediate refusation of support.

Enjoy staking at the Katana pool of “Support, World No.1”!

Searching for “KTN” from the staking compatible wallet and pressing the delegation button. After that, you don't need to do anything.
Even if you can't do it for any reason, we will support you until you can.

As a general rule, please let me know by email so that there is no omission of support.

Anonymous is possible. If you want to receive support anonymously, consider getting a free email address and sending it.

It is not possible for free. This is due to the cost of support and server equipment.
KatanaPool receives a 5% commission and you receive a 95% staking reward.(No fix fee)